Mobile App Performance of Google Slides and PowerPoint

Google Slides

Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint are the best tools for making and sharing slideshows. Are you using these tools on a mobile or a desktop? Are mobile apps more convenient? Both mobile apps let users conveniently view, change, and show their slides. For those looking to deepen their understanding, training such as a PowerPoint Course can be highly beneficial in mastering advanced features and improving presentation skills.

This blog will compare the features of the Google Slides vs PowerPoint mobile apps and examine how users can utilise them effectively.

Introduction to Google Slides and PowerPoint Mobile Apps

Regarding presentation software, Google Slides and Microsoft PowerPoint are well-known names.

  • Google Slides: Web-based presentation app for online collaboration.
  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Standard for creating slideshows.
  • Both have mobile apps for smartphone and tablet use.
  • Both enable flexibility in presentation work.

User Interface and Usability

Google Slides Mobile App

The Google Slides mobile app has an easy to use interface with more features and functions. When users open the app, they see a dashboard with recent slideshows. You can select the last slideshow to continue working on it. The navigation bar at the bottom allows you to quickly create new slides, edit old ones, and share them.

The Google Slides app makes it easy to change slides. The tools are easy to find and use, and the touch controls work well. This makes changing text, pictures and shapes simple. The app also lets users update their presentations when they are not connected to the internet. When they are, they can sync their changes and stay updated.

PowerPoint Mobile App

The PowerPoint mobile app has a robust and full-featured layout. Like Google Slides, it starts with a dashboard that shows the most recent files and makes it easy to get to projects that need to be worked on. People who have used PowerPoint before will recognise the layout. There is a ribbon at the top that holds different tools and choices.

The PowerPoint mobile app is excellent because it has many features for making and changing slides. Mobile users can add videos, use transitions, and change themes from their phones. The app also includes tools like Presenter View, which provides speaker notes and a timer. Users can change files when not connected to the internet.

Performance and Reliability

Google Slides Mobile App

The Google Slides mobile app usually works well, with quick load times and good touch features. The app is optimised for several mobile devices, so it works the same on smartphones and laptops. Large presentations with many high-resolution pictures or complicated animations can sometimes slow the presentation.

Google Slides is very reliable because it is built in the cloud. The autosave feature ensures you don’t lose any work, and seeing older versions of a presentation lets you quickly fix mistakes.

PowerPoint Mobile App

People know that PowerPoint’s mobile app works well and is reliable. It handles large shows without problems, and transitions and animations stay smooth. The app is made to take advantage of what current mobile devices can do, so even presentations that use a lot of resources won’t slow down the experience.

PowerPoint has built-in autosave and version history to ensure that users’ work is always backed up and can be quickly restored. The app is more reliable because it works with Microsoft’s cloud services, which makes it safe and stable for creating and sending presentations.

Advanced Features

Google Slides Mobile App

The Google Slides mobile app has fewer advanced features than the desktop version. For example, it does not include animated transitions, custom themes, or multimedia interaction options. However, the app has a simple, effective platform for introductory presentation needs.

PowerPoint Mobile App

The advanced features in PowerPoint’s mobile app make it stand out. Users can change the design by adding 3D models and complicated animations and using advanced design tools. The app also has features like Presenter Coach, which helps users improve their presentation skills by giving them real-time feedback during practice lessons.


The Google Slides and PowerPoint mobile apps have powerful tools for making and changing slideshows. Google Slides is great for real-time sharing and is very easy to use. PowerPoint, on the other hand, has many features and works well. If you want to learn more about this type of tool with comprehensive support and learner satisfaction, visit The Knowledge Academy courses.