Cosmos Handpan – Serene Blue 12 Notes in D Minor – Tambourine Gift Set

The Cosmos Handpan – Serene Blue 12 Notes in D Minor – Tambourine Gift Set is a unique and transcendent musical instrument bundle. 

A handpan, also known as a hang drum, is a steel percussion instrument described by its spherical body with notes laid out in a circular pattern. The calming tones and melodies created by pushing or striking various areas have made handpans increasingly dominant for relaxation, meditation, and ambient music. 

This set includes a beautifully crafted 12-note serene blue handpan with a melodic D minor scale, as well as a matching tambourine for additional rhythmic accompaniment. Whether playing as a solo instrument or together with the tambourine, the Cosmos Handpan – Serene Blue 12 Notes in D Minor – Tambourine Gift Set offers a fascinating musical experience that can lift one’s soul and transport the mind to a place of inner peace.

Handpan Details

The Cosmos Handpan is a meticulously crafted musical instrument. Each drum begins as a single sheet of high-quality stainless steel. Through a process called hand-pounding, an experienced instrument maker carefully shapes the raw material into a spherical form. It can take hundreds of hours to achieve the perfect curve and thickness. 

Once formed, the pan is engraved by precision laser with the precise note locations in whatever chosen lay-out or scale. Finally, each drum undergoes rigorous testing to guarantee consistent tone and tuning before it is finished. Attention to these details results in a handpan with a rich, resonant sound that remains stable through regular playing. Buyers can be assured they are receiving a masterfully made instrument.

Serene Blue Design

The Cosmos handpan features an exterior finished in a tranquil dark blue called “Serene Blue”. This saturated color was carefully selected to impart a sense of calmness and relaxation to the player. The surface has a smooth satin texture that provides an appealing aesthetic appearance, drawing the eyes as pleasingly as the ears. 

Both the shade of blue and satiny texture were deliberately chosen to cultivate soothing vibrations. This “Serene Blue” design aims to enhance the handpan’s natural meditative qualities. The cool, dark hue and soft surface work in harmony with the instrument’s pure tones to gently embrace the player in a restorative state of mind.

Hand Pounded technique

The Cosmos Handpan is a masterfully crafted instrument produced using an ancient technique called hand-pounding. This method is incredibly labor intensive, taking countless hours of precise hammering to form each drum’s distinctive spherical shape. Rather than machines, it is the experienced hands of the craftsman that slowly shape the stainless steel through an intense process requiring patience and care. 

The result is an exquisite handpan with a rich, resonant tone that can only be achieved through this specialized method of production. As an authentic hand-pounded instrument, the Cosmos handpan delivers an auditory experience that illuminates the soul through its uniquely haunting and meditative sound.

Material and Finishing of Handpan

The Cosmos handpan is crafted from durable stainless steel, ensuring resonance and longevity. Its material is carefully treated to prevent corrosion and rust so the instrument can withstand frequent playing over years of use. With a resilient coating, the Cosmos handpan maintains its tone whether in the studio, on stage or the road. Its sturdy construction makes it suitable for both recordings and live performances, delivering dependable, high-quality sound in any context.

Note Variations

The Cosmos handpan comes in 9, 10, and 12 note variations, all tuned to the key of D minor. Each model presents different tonal options for creating music. The 9 note provides a more minimal arrangement for basic melody and rhythm work. The 10 note expands harmonic potential. 

For full musical scope, the 12 note includes a wide range that supports complex melodic phrasing. Regardless of the configuration chosen, every Cosmos handpan is finely tuned to superbly resonate warm, organic notes. Musicians can select the layout that best matches their needs and abilities.

The Tambourine Gift Set

The Cosmos Handpan comes with an accompanying professional-grade tambourine gift set, specially designed to harmonize beautifully with the handpan. The tambourine features a sturdy wooden frame with a natural finish, providing comfortable durability for extended play. It is equipped with high-grade double rows of metal jingles that ring out with a bright, resonant tone capable of cutting through any mix. 

Measuring 22 inches in diameter, it is correctly sized for both studio and stage use. The handpan loans a rich, melodic foundation with its mesmerizing tones, while the tambourine overlay adds percussive texture and energy. Together, they create a full-bodied, nuanced soundscape allowing for greater versatility in musical expression. The combination of these fine instruments opens up new avenues of playing and composing. The Cosmos Handpan and Tambourine Gift Set offers musicians an expanded palette for solo or group musical pursuits.

Healing and Meditative Benefits

  • Specially tuned to D minor
  • Crafted from stainless steel
  • Hand-pounded for rich tones
  • Smooth satin finish
  • Available in 9, 10, 12 note versions
  • Includes complimentary tambourine
  • Durable for performances
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Easy to learn, enriching to play
  • Promotes relaxation and focus
  • Enhances meditation and creativity


What musical scale is it tuned to?

D minor.

How many notes does the 12 note version have?

Twelve notes.

Does it come with an accompanying instrument?

Yes, it includes a tambourine.


The Cosmos Handpan is an exquisitely crafted musical instrument made using time-honored techniques. Its elegant serene blue coloring and smooth satin texture complement the soulful tones produced through practice and performance. As a comprehensive bundle, the 12 note handpan paired with a matching tambourine provides endless possibilities for creative expression, meditation, and relaxation. 

Musicians will appreciate its versatility for solo sessions or ensemble playing. The premium construction ensures this set will remain in tune and provide many years of auditory enjoyment. For those seeking to elevate their musical abilities or personal well-being, the Cosmos Handpan Serene Blue 12 Notes in D Minor – Tambourine Gift Set offers a gateway to deeper mindfulness, healing, and artistic fulfillment through its mesmerizing and timeless sound.