Different Breweries You Can Work For As A Pub Manager

If you are looking for a rewarding and satisfying career, hospitality is an excellent industry to consider, with many people dreaming of becoming pub landlords. To become a superb pub manager will require a flexible attitude and various skills, including:

  • Customer Service Skills
  • Man-Management Skills
  • Stock Management
  • Finance Management
  • Employment Legislation
  • Health & Safety Directives

You often find that no two days are the same when managing pubs, and it is a highly sociable career, which many people love. Many breweries are always looking for talented managers to run their pubs, so finding a job in this profession can be easy. Below, you can see some of the different breweries you can consider working for that can give you a rewarding career in hospitality and a job you love.

Fuller’s Brewery

Fuller’s Brewery pubs are a common sight in London. The company was first established in 1845, and it currently runs over 380 pubs, inns, and hotels throughout the South of England. The brewery is famous for its flagship, London Pride beer, and the company also ensures its pubs are of the highest quality, from the service to the décor and food that it offers. Fullers offers competitive salaries and extensive training programmes with a wide range of career progression options. Whether you are an experienced publican or new to the hospitality industry, Fuller’s Brewery is an excellent company for which you can consider working.

Admiral Taverns

Admiral Taverns is another excellent option for a rewarding career in hospitality, and they are one of the UK’s largest independent operators of tenanted and leased pubs. Admiral Taverns enjoys over 800 pubs in their portfolio, and they have establishments throughout the country. They like to empower their pub managers to take autonomous control of their pubs and embrace their creativity to add personal touches to the business. They provide excellent support for their pub managers, whether you are a tenant or lease the pub, and they thrive at being hubs of their local communities.


BrewDog is a relatively new player in the pub and brewing industry, established in 2007. Since its inception, BrewDog has become a world-famous brand with numerous pubs and bars worldwide, offering an alternative take on the brewing industry. BrewDog likes to do things differently, so before you become a manager for one of their bars, you will first need to undertake their intensive training programmes. The company has strong ethical values, meaning you will work for a company committed to sustainability and engaging its local community. Although there are not as many options for available bars with BrewDog, the support and options they provide for their managers make them a highly popular choice for experienced and novice managers alike.

Thornbridge Brewery

Thornbridge Brewery hails from the county of Derbyshire and is well known for its pioneering approach to craft beers, having won numerous awards and a loyal fanbase. Working for Thornbridge is like working as part of one big family, whether you are in the brewery or running one of their establishments. Thornbridge has many beautifully restored pubs that offer customers a unique experience, whether dining or just grabbing a few drinks. They also have excellent training and ongoing support for their managers, helping them to create collaborative and inclusive environments that customers love. If you are passionate about craft ale and looking for a hands-on approach to pub management, Thronton Brewery is an excellent option to consider applying to.

Greene King

When looking at prospective breweries to work for running a pub, it is hard to ignore one of the biggest UK companies in this industry, Greene King. Founded in 1799, Greene King has grown to have over 3000 pubs, restaurants, and hotels throughout the UK, making them one of the biggest players. Working for a company like this means that there is excellent support available, and a diverse choice of establishments that may suit your preferences. They provide some of the best training within the industry, and there is the option for clear pathways of career progression if you want it. Greene King’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity makes it an appealing choice for those looking to work in a supportive and dynamic environment, and it can open many doors for your hospitality career.

These are a few of the best brewery companies you can work for running pubs, but other options exist, such as Marston’s or Adnams. Ensure you look at all options carefully before deciding which company to work for, and you can ensure that you get your hospitality career off to a flying start.