Emergency Plumbing Tips for London’s Older Homes: What You Need to Know

Possessing older homes means the charm of the history of your family and culture, but along with it, its maintenance is the biggest challenge. From age-old fixtures to creaky floors, these houses hold many stories. The primary issue that comes up is the plumbing system, which causes lots of problems. Nobody likes the collected water in their homes due to leaky pipes. Or can you live a day without using or drinking clean water? In such situations, an emergency plumber in London works wonders at fixing and maintaining the entire plumbing system.

But do plumbers only deal with water issues? No, our emergency plumbing service in London includes more than that.

Here are a few emergency plumbing tips for older homes that could save you:

1.    Shut down the water supply:

People panic when a severe water leak occurs, but you can handle it. You can stop the water flow by shutting off the valve, mainly by the water meter or where the water supply line enters the home. If you shut it, the water supply in your home will stop until our 24 hour plumber in London arrives at your location. 

2.    Leaking fixtures:

When a fixture like a dishwasher, toilet, or faucet is leaking, the best way is to shut down the water supply of those fixtures. Dishwasher and faucet supply valves are typically under the sink, and toilet valves are near the place behind the toilet. By shutting off these valves, you can temporarily stop the leaking and let the plumbers do the rest.

3.    Broken pipes:

Pipes can sometimes break, and cutting them off becomes more complex than fixtures. Firstly, shut off the valve straight away, and you can also crimp or bend the pipe like a hose to stop the flowing water. There are also tools like push-to-connect and compression fittings, which you can fit while water flows. Although you can temporarily fix the broken pipe issue, contacting a local emergency plumber in London is best for a long-term solution.

4.    Leaking water heaters:

In old homes, water heater leakage is a common problem, but you must immediately call the best plumber for service in emergencies. In the case of a drain, putting a tight hose cap over it will stop the leakage long enough so that you can contact the plumber without wasting hot water. For other leaks, turn on the cold water supply line valve and turn off the gas or electricity.

5.    Fix an overflowing toilet:

In an emergency like a blocked or overflowing toilet, you must act quickly but remain calm. Turn off the toilet’s valve to prevent further overflow, and use a plunger to clear the blockage by tightly sealing around the drain. If that doesn’t work, use a snake or toilet auger specially designed to break stubborn toilet blockages.

6.    Assemble emergency tips:

Always be prepared for any emergency because it comes uninvited and creates panic. Emergency experts will be at your doorstep in one call, but for emergencies, you must keep a few essential tools to fix the plumbing issues temporarily.

Collect a few of the following fittings in an easily accessible toolbox:

  • Hose cap
  • Push-to-connect valves
  • Threaded plugs
  • Push-to-connect copper cap
  • Push-to-connect couplings
  • Adjustable spanner
  • Threaded plugs
  • Threaded caps

7.    Preventive measures for plumbing emergencies

Prioritising plumbing regular inspections and maintenance is crucial to avoid emergencies, so you only need to contact our emergency plumbing service. With these, you can prevent inconveniences and expensive repairs. You must be careful not to dispose of non-flushable items because it will lead to blockage and, thus, damage the plumbing system.


You can maintain your old house’s plumbing system by understanding and knowing the basics of plumbing. Also, keeping plumbing tools, regular inspection and maintenance, and, most importantly, knowing when to call a professional plumber will help you in emergencies. However, finding the best plumber should be a smooth process. That’s where we come in to solve your 24 hour emergency plumbing in London. We have a team of skilled and experienced professionals who provide reliable, quick, and budget-friendly services.

So, contact us today. RyGroup is just a phone call away to handle your problem.

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