What are the Trending SAFe Courses?


The SAFe framework is one of the most popular methods for scaling agile enterprises. Many SAFe certifications have emerged to validate the knowledge and skills of professionals aiming to meet the demand for SAFe-certified professionals across the globe. With many options at the door, choosing the trending SAFe certifications that can fuel your career can be quite challenging. This blog helps you to make your job easy and simple by filtering out the most trending SAFe certifications in the market.

Some of the trending SAFe courses are given below:

Leading SAFe Course

The Leading SAFe Certification Course has become a key requirement for employers to hire professionals for their organization. By earning the certifications, you can expand your career path within the sector. The certification helps you learn how businesses build agility and make the SAFe work in the organization. You learn to lean the entire organization around the business objectives and improve the workflow from strategy to delivery. You will learn to develop a customer-centric approach in the project process and run key SAFe events like PI planning.

SAFe Scrum Master Course

A SAFe master is a servant leader responsible for helping the team organize, manage, and perform to its full potential to deliver business value. The course program is designed to explore the role of the scrum master in the context of the entire enterprise, helping the professionals plan and execute program increments. The attendees of the course program will learn about how to build skills to become high-performing scrum masters in the scaled agile environment.

SAFe Product Owner/Product Manager

The SAFe product owner/product manager course is designed to give professionals a deep knowledge of agile release training. The training program teaches the attendees about how ARTs deliver value and what they could do to enhance their job roles. The course helps you learn to develop lean thinking and foster a continuous delivery pipeline. After certification, you will master the skill of effectively integrating as product owner and manager, facilitating relentless improvements in ART. You will learn to adopt a customer-centric approach to build the product using a scaled agile framework.

Advanced SAFe Scrum Master Course


Scrum masters who want to hone their skills for leadership roles in the scaled agile framework can take advanced SAFe scrum master certification. The course program will teach you anti-scrum agile patterns to facilitate effective cross-team interactions and support program execution. A professional who has completed advanced scrum certifications can help the teams improve the quality of work. The certified scrum master will build high-performing teams that deliver continuous value. The certification takes your leadership skills to the next level by giving you knowledge about the tools that are needed to improve your coaching skills. You will master the skill of scalable engineering and support its adoption.

SAFe Release Train Engineer Course

The SAFe RTE certification is for professionals who are looking to gain full control over agile RTE by coordinating with the team. The certification course teaches you about lean agile and its application to execute RTE. The certified professionals will be able to facilitate relentless improvements and assist with large project execution. You will be able to build a high-performing agile release train and develop an action plan for continuous learning. You will be able to navigate the challenges that you encounter while developing programs at a large scale. The certification course also enhances your communication skills.

Certified SAFe Practitioner Course

The SAFe practitioner is for the team members working in agile release trains. The course program will give you the skills needed to perform your role in a better way. You will gain an in-depth understanding of agile release teams and plan and execute iterations effectively. After completing the SAFe practitioner certification, you will learn to apply SAFe at the enterprise level. You will be more clear about your job role in the agile release train. You will learn to integrate and work with other teams in the agile release train. The two-day course will give you further knowledge needed on SAFe and agile principles to perform your job role effectively.


Now that you have understood that SAFe certification is a catalyst for your career boost. You need to filter the list to find which certification is best for you. One can filter the trending SAFe certification lists to align the course with your learning objectives. If you aim to gain knowledge about the SAFe, you can start with the basic certification and reach the expert level. If you aim to enhance skills specific to your job role, you can take a specific SAFe certification.