Getting a Grip on the Industry: How to Start Your Career as a Hand Model

Modelling is a profession that requires people to be confident and have the right kind of attitude to get into and sustain for years. One of the types of modelling is hand modelling. Hand modelling is a profession in which the hand plays the primary role. Hand modelling can be used for industries like jewellery, apparel, nail and cosmetics, which need hands to showcase their products. Hand modelling is often used for commercial purposes, such as modelling for rings, nail paint, bangles, etc. Let’s understand how to get a hand model jobs and start your career.

Steps to start your hand modelling career in the UK

To enter the hand modelling industry, the first thing required is understanding the industry’s requirements and analysing your hands to see if they fit in the structure. Hand model criteria vary significantly for men, women and children. Sometimes, it can even take hours to get one shot. So, it demands as much dedication as other modelling niches. If you want to become a hand model, here are a few different things that you can work on:

  • Make an outstanding portfolio: The modelling industry can only work with a portfolio. If you wish to become a hand model in the UK, a portfolio is a must for every type of modelling. You need to invest in making a good hand model portfolio so that you can reach out to brands, agencies, and others through this portfolio. The portfolio will have high-resolution photos and close-up pictures with a good photographer. A good portfolio showcasing your best work will give them an insight into what you can offer them.
  • Connect with people in the same industry: You can join social media group channels and contact them. Talk to successful hand models and ask for advice.
  • Have a solid social media presence: Nothing can beat social media’s reach today. You can showcase your talent through this platform and use it as an online portfolio. You can also get potential leads from Instagram, Facebook, etc.

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  • Practice: The best answer to “how to get into hand modelling” is practice. Practice brings perfection in modelling. The more you practise hand poses, the better you can present yourself. More different types of poses will allow you to showcase your diverse knowledge about poses and ultimately get a project signed. You can also learn poses from popular magazines and brands and their shoots. This will also help you stay on trend with current practices.
  • Stay updated with current trends: Poses used in the 1990s are irrelevant today. You must understand today’s fashion trends, pose ideas, and practice accordingly. To learn about the latest trends, subscribe to fashion magazines.
  • Connect with an industry expert or agency: You must now understand how to become a hand model in the UK. All you need now is guidance from someone who has seen everything and knows how this industry works. Some experts or agencies work to promote fresh talent and help them with the preparation required to enter the industry. They have the correct marketing tools and approach that will bring you success. Their connections, reach, and understanding of the industry will help you prepare yourself to get good projects.


Hand modelling is quite a competitive market and requires effort and maintenance. The essential requirement includes a clear, well-maintained hand with well-trimmed and maintained nails. The other requirements can vary from brand to brand.

Have you practised it all and gotten in touch with the best modelling agencies but have not received a response for hand model jobs? Only practice and grooming won’t suffice if you don’t get along with people who genuinely hold the expertise and are keen to help you.

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