Hidden Danger! Croydon Homes with Old Boilers at Risk of Carbon Monoxide Leaks

Do you feel frightened when hearing about carbon monoxide poisoning? It’s not just you; it concerns all, as carbon monoxide can be life-threatening. Even if it does not kill, it can still cause long-term impairment. You won’t be able to see or smell this gas, so it becomes even more important to take precautionary measures through when having old boilers at home.

Boiler service in Croydon is important as boilers are often used in winter to maintain a comfortable temperature. Almost every house in Croydon, UK, has a boiler. Some people prefer to get a boiler replacement every 10-15 years, while a few use very old boilers and address yearly concerns. Boilers can even naturally produce carbon monoxide, which is expelled by a flue. When this flue gets blocked, the gas has no option but to escape into the house. Old boilers can increase the chances of carbon monoxide leaks.

How is carbon monoxide produced in the boiler?

A boiler has a dedicated system to eliminate carbon monoxide. It is produced when the fuel has not burned completely due to insufficient oxygen. Sometimes, the boiler can leak, causing the gas to leak. When this carbon monoxide escapes into the home, it causes poisoning.

Carbon monoxide is not very easy to detect as it is colourless, tasteless, and odourless. However, if not detected on time, it can pose dangerous health hazards. It can cause dizziness, headaches, nausea, weakness, chest pain, muscle pain, breathlessness, unconsciousness, and other symptoms. Even little carbon monoxide leakages can be harmful because it causes the oxygen level in the brain to drop. When a person is inhaling carbon monoxide for a long period, the level of oxygen can drop drastically, causing fainting and other fatalities.

A boiler needs to be serviced regularly to reduce the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning. Carbon monoxide alarms can also be a great way to stay safe by detecting carbon monoxide if it leaks. These safety measures through a boiler service in Croydon will help you stay safe.

Measures to avoid carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning is common in Croydon homes, especially due to old boilers. Here are a few measures that can be followed to avoid it

  • Install carbon monoxide detectors where the boiler is present. They will be an added safety measure to keep you and your loved ones safe. This is because they act like the eyes and nose to see and smell the invisible and odourless gas.
  • Get very old boilers and heaters replaced by new ones through boiler installation in Croydon.
  • Get the boiler service regularly by a licensed gas boiler engineer in Croydon.
  • Allow fresh air to enter the house regularly.
  • Avoid using boilers 24/7.

What other risks do old boilers possess?

Boilers can pose a number of risks if not maintained regularly. That’s why you need to perform boiler maintenance only with licensed boiler engineers who are qualified enough to check the entire boiler. Their work will speak about their expertise and experience.

An old boiler can cause:

  • Issue with heating
  • Rusting of certain parts
  • Old boilers often have leaks here and there, making you call a plumber or boiler expert regularly
  • Excessive limescale and sludge build-up
  • Bleeding radiators

If not treated on time, all these issues can escalate into a major mishap. Therefore, repair or boiler replacement in Croydon can be more cost-effective.


Do you have an old boiler at home and need to determine its workings and efficiency? Concerned about carbon monoxide leakage? RyGroup has licensed boiler engineers who can fix carbon monoxide leaks. If the boiler is very old, the experts will perform a new installation to help you get your home back to normal. Never think it is just your instinct. If you feel there’s something wrong with the boiler, contact the experts immediately. Saving lives is just a call away with emergency boiler repair in Croydon.

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