The Best 4 Companies for Bath Towels in the UK

Bath towels offer comfort and functionality in your daily routine. Their aesthetic appeal adds a decorative element to your bathroom setting. In the UK, people prioritize quality and craftsmanship. Selecting the right bath towels requires careful consideration. With many companies available, finding the best cheap bath towel options can be daunting. However, by comparing products, you can easily find a product of your choice. We’ve tested cheap hand towels from multiple companies. this article explores the top four companies renowned for their outstanding cheap towels in the UK. Their products and positive attributes help readers to make informed purchasing decisions. 

1. Absolute Home Textiles


Absolute Home Textiles is a prominent name in the industry. It offers quality and excellence in home textiles. The company has earned a leading reputation for offering excellent quality. Their meticulous attention to detail and quality standards makes them our recommended choice. The 700 GSM Royal Egyptian Towels show their dedication to comfort. Their cheap towels UK offer a sumptuous feel and superior absorbency. With an extensive selection of colors available, Absolute Home Textiles ensures that customers can find the perfect match for their preferences. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is clear in their price match promise. 

MaterialEgyptian Cotton
Weight700 GSM 
Colors AvailableCream, Silver, White, Latte, Lemon, Charcoal, Buttercream, Blue Lagoon
DimensionsStandard bath towel size
Care InstructionsMachine washable, tumble dry on low
ManufacturerAbsolute Home Textiles UK


  • 700 GSM: The cheap bath towels UK are created with a high GSM of 700. Their dense fabric ensures superior absorbency and durability.  
  • Royal Egyptian Cotton: The towels are crafted from premium-quality Egyptian cotton. Their towels are known for their softness and absorbency.   
  • Variety of Colors: The cheap cotton towels are available in an array of multiple. This diverse color selection allows you to coordinate the cheap towels UK with your bathroom decor. 
  • Multiple Pack Sizes: Absolute Home Textiles offers flexible pack options to suit your needs. Choose from packs, boxes, or even larger quantities to accommodate your requirements. 
  • Huge Range in Stock: With a commitment to customer satisfaction, Absolute Home Textiles ensures luxurious bath towels. This ensures convenience and prompt delivery for all customers. 
  • Price Match Promise: They are dedicated to providing the best value for money. The customers get competitive prices without compromising on quality. 

2. The Towel Shop


The Towel Shop is a top textile supplier known for its commitment to quality. With a comprehensive range of products, The Towel Shop caters to modern homes. Their 600 GSM Royal Egyptian Towels show the brand’s dedication to luxury. These bath towels sale cheap are crafted with Zero Twist technology and boast an unparalleled softness. The absorbency elevates the bathing experience to new heights. The Towel Shop prides itself on manufacturing its products. Its finest quality materials ensure durability and comfort. This commitment to excellence has earned the brand a leading reputation. Their dedication to customer satisfaction shows their quality.  

Material100% Cotton (Royal Egyptian)
Weight600 GSM 
TechnologyZero Twist
Care InstructionsMachine Washable at 40°C


  • 600 GSM: These cheap bath towels UK have a high weight of 600 GSM. The plush feel of towels offers maximum comfort and absorbency. 
  • Royal Egyptian Soft Touch: The towels are made from premium-quality Royal Egyptian cotton. these towels offer an incredibly soft touch that enhances the overall bathing experience. 
  • Zero Twist Technology: The discount bath towels feature Zero Twist technology, which adds an extra layer of softness and fluffiness. They offer a more inviting and luxurious experience. 
  • Variety of Sizes: Available in various sizes to suit different needs. They ensure that there’s a size for every purpose. 
  • Wide Color Range: Their vibrant and neutral color options can coordinate with any bathroom decor.   
  • Long-lasting Durability: these towels are highly durable. They maintain their thickness even after repeated washes.  

3. British Wholesales UK


British Wholesales UK is a leader in home textiles. The company is dedicated to providing quality and customer satisfaction. The brand has earned a reputation for excellence. Their comprehensive range of products meets every aspect of the modern home. Their extensive 700 GSM Premium Bath Towels show luxury and comfort. Their discount bath towels are crafted from 100% cotton to offer luxury. The brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction is clear in its transparent pricing and customer service. Additionally, British Wholesales UK reflects its commitment to ethical business practices and industry standards.  

Material100% Egyptian Cotton
Weight700 GSM 
CollectionRoyal Egyptian Collection
AbsorbencySuper Absorbent
DurabilityHighly Durable
FeelGreat on Skin
Care InstructionsMachine Washable


  • 700 GSM: These bath towels have a luxurious weight of 700 GSM. They offer superior density and absorbency. 
  • Royal Egyptian Collection: Their towels have the finest Egyptian cotton used in their creation. Their towels are known for their long fibers and high absorbency.   
  • Super Absorbent: The towels have long and dense fibers that ensure excellent absorbency. The towels can effectively dry the skin after a bath. 
  • Highly Durable: With a density of 700gsm, these towels are sumptuously soft and highly durable.   
  • Great on Skin: The premium quality of the Egyptian cotton used in these towels ensures a gentle feel. The towels are ideal for daily use. 

4. Next  


Next is a beacon of excellence. With an extensive range of products, Next caters to every aspect of modern living. Their bath towels exemplify the brand’s dedication to quality. Their towels are known for their plush feel and diverse color options. It is a popular choice to enhance bathroom settings. Next’s reputation for excellence extends to all its products, with a focus on stylish design. With a stellar reputation, Next has earned the trust and loyalty of customers worldwide. Moreover, the brand’s commitment to accessibility. Next stands as a symbol of quality and reliability making it a preferred destination for premium products and exceptional service. 

MaterialEgyptian Cotton
Colors AvailableMultiple options available
Sizes AvailableBath Towels, Hand Towels, Face Cloths
Style WithCan be paired with other bathroom accessories or furniture


  • Egyptian Cotton: Their towels are created from luxurious Egyptian cotton. Their towels offer exceptional softness and durability. 
  • Variety of Colors: Available in a wide range of colors, allowing customers to choose options that complement their bathroom decor or personal preferences. 
  • Reviews: The towels have received positive reviews. Customers praise their quality and value for money. 
  • Sizes Available: Offered in various sizes to suit different needs, including bath towels, hand towels, and face cloths. 
  • Style With: This can be paired with other bathroom accessories or furniture, such as the Black Bronx Under Sink Storage Unit, for a coordinated look. 


Bath towels are more than a functional item, they are integral components of our daily routines. They provide comfort and absorbency to enhance your bathing experience. this article explored the four leading companies in the UK, each company is renowned for its exceptional bath towels. From luxurious Egyptian cotton to positive customer feedback, these companies offer a commitment to quality. However, among the multiple options, British Wholesales UK is the ultimate choice for discerning consumers. With their Royal Egyptian Collection bath towels, British Wholesales UK sets the standard for excellence in bath towels. British Wholesales UK offers the perfect blend of luxury and value.