The most popular VPS servers based on Linux distribution


Most companies choose between Linux or Windows-based VPS servers. This simple choice decides the fate of a project or enterprise. In that case, you need to find the solution’s key and Bob’s your uncle! VIKHOST will provide everything you need to optimize your business processes from low-level to high-level difficulties.  

Why do you need VPS based on a Linux system?

In contrast to Windows’s user-oriented interfaces, Linux provides greater customization and flexibility. Linux is a dependable and safe platform for developing your product because of its built-in security features, which include firewalls, access control, and encryption. In addition, code modification and efficient use of system resources are musts for an active product development environment. Linux is perfect for this! 

Recognisable Linux-based VPS systems 

Nowadays, the most common VPS servers based on Linux of the following types: 

  • Ubuntu is the operating system for several ecosystems of IT industry products, laptops, and servers. It is the world’s most popular Linux distribution. By default, only free software is installed during OS installation, but an option allows the user to install non-free drivers or decoders as well. VPS Ubuntu hosting is the perfect way to eliminate issues with a strong IT project or a high-traffic website. 
  • CentOS. A new free platform is uniting open-source developers. It gained popularity recently due to its improved interaction with a large partner community and its ability to influence the development and quality of future versions of RHEL. 

Evolution Linux platform-based hostings 

Over the past five years, the hosting tech scene has evolved. Since 2019, within the startup ecosystem, Linux VPS has become the preferred choice for startups that require flexible, cost-effective, and secure hosting solutions. Despite the escalation of cyber threats, Ukrainian VPS providers remain steadfast in their commitment to security. 

In 2024, VPS providers like VIKHOST will continue to innovate, introducing new features and expanding their global footprint. Having received international recognition, VPS servers based on Linux have become the center of the prosperity of local and international businesses. To buy VPS CentOS hosting means to be on trend and keep up with cutting-edge developers and testers from all over the world. Choosing the Ubuntu VPS server is a great solution for a large IT developer environment.