Selecting the Appropriate Core Banking Software for Your Bank

Searching for a stable Core Banking system that speeds up technology adoption and makes it easier to enter the market? Are you looking for ongoing improvements that are in line with rules, consumer needs, or technology? Utilize the ready core banking platform to build your ideal solution and get the following advantages.

An extremely efficient back office for potential future prospects

A core banking solution should carry out several tasks and conform to a range of regulatory and business needs. Flexibility is essential when it comes to typical banking operations like automatic IBAN generation, account opening, payment processing, currency exchange, and card issue. Operators have to respond quickly to standard changes such as commission fee adjustments, position assignments, workflow creation, and client risk profiles. Selecting an excessively straightforward core banking software could impede future operations and necessitate the development of a more sophisticated system. Increase flexibility with Advapay by taking advantage of its wide range of features in the backend of our main banking system.

Wider range of products, ready integrations or new integrations upon request

Payment services are provided by core banking software interfacing with service providers via APIs. With Advapay, you can customize your core banking software to meet your unique needs and create the product of your dreams. Using already-existing interfaces with service providers, all required services may be easily integrated into our main financial system, opening up endless creative possibilities.

White-label online banking and mobile banking apps

For transactions to be easy, customers must have access to online and mobile banking applications. Digital banks and fintech organizations prioritize visibility, an easy interface, and an aesthetically beautiful design in order to provide an amazing end-user experience. It takes money and time to create new applications from start. Choosing pre-built apps that are integrated with a fundamental banking backend results in considerable cost and time savings.

Explore the products offered by core banking software vendors. These must include white-label mobile and web banking apps with state-of-the-art architecture that put the needs of the consumer first and include functions like checking balances, looking over statements, sending payments, and more.

Fast-start integrations for your fintech business: BaaS and Embedded finance

Emerging trends in the market include BaaS and Embedded Finance, especially Embedded Payments, which provide seamless banking and payment services through APIs to businesses without financial services licenses or established payment infrastructure.

Customers can gain from different BaaS partners in two main ways. It simplifies the process of choosing a favorite BaaS supplier, to start. Second, pre-made integrations save even more time—depending on the configuration, ready-made connections can complete some projects in a matter of weeks in terms of technology.

User intuitive back-office application that makes operations administration simple

The back-office application for the redesigned core banking software has an amazing user experience that makes operations administration easier. This redesigned interface, with its modern look and extensive functionality, streamlines employee activities pertaining to company applications, transactions, customers, financial operations, and more.

Using this application, staff of digital banks and payment firms can view and accept registration, transfer, and currency exchange applications with ease. They can also produce statements, handle accounting, apply filters, and carry out a number of other duties to improve operator comfort and effectiveness.

Startup-Friendly Core Banking Software for Customized Requirements and Budgets

Advapay provides a basic banking software solution that is affordable for small businesses and startup entrepreneurs, customized to meet their specific requirements and financial constraints.

First off, you may add new features to your solutions on a pay-as-you-go basis with our SaaS package, which is available for a fair monthly cost.

Secondly, after we agree on precise features and sign the contract, our open pricing guarantees no hidden fees and provides transparency on expenses. We are certain that our startup-friendly software is reasonably priced.

A secure solution tailored to regulatory requirements

Macrobank successfully complies with regulations while placing a high priority on security.

Verify whether your provider offers frequent system updates that include the newest security features and procedures. By defining roles, groups, and regulations, the system enables the creation of unique processes. This gives operators the ability to create unique, rule-based client risk groups, set up workflows for more risky customer types, and effectively manage compliance procedures, validate transactions, approve them, and supervise riskier customer groups.

In addition, our solution provides pre-integrated services for KYC, KYB, fraud monitoring, prevention, and compliance to protect customer data, stop fraud, and guarantee safe authentication for every online banking entry and transaction.

Integrated accounting system for thorough control of financial operations

An integrated accounting system is part of our core banking software and is essential for handling financial activities. Fintechs can now precisely record, monitor, and handle financial transactions thanks to this technology, which also ensures regulatory compliance and offers a comprehensive picture of the financial health of the digital bank.

You can keep track of every financial activity for your fintech business or digital bank, including accounts, deposits, withdrawals, and transfers, using our integrated general ledger and accounting system. It helps with cash flow forecasting by making it easier to generate comprehensive reports that are tailored to the demands of businesses and regulations. Effectively managing both nostro and vostro accounts, the module facilitates reconciliation and accounts for money in correspondent accounts. Furthermore, it facilitates account data consolidation and reporting, which enables the smooth execution of multi-currency transactions and efficient administration of the client accounting system.