Top TikTok Trends to Try in 2024

TikTok is all about trending content. The more you indulge in trends, the more chances you will have to perform well on the platform. But the issue is how to pick the right trends and follow them to get instant recognition on the platform.

Today, trends rapidly grow on TikTok but shift quickly. If you find a trend blooming on TikTok today, it might fade tomorrow. This is the reason that content creators are struggling to pick the right trends that can help them establish a strong reputation on TikTok.

If you are also stuck in the same situation and looking for possible solutions, this guide is for you. We have researched and compiled the trends that can help you do something exceptional on the platform:

The top TikTok trends to follow

Explore the trending topics or latest trends on TikTok that can help you boost your presence on the platform in 2024:

Niche communities

With the continuous popularity of TikTok, niche communities are emerging. This emergence is bringing together users having the same interests. Following are some specific communities that are gaining traction:

  • Booktok: This niche or community is about book reviews and book recommendations.
  • Cottagetok: This community celebrates the lifestyle and cottagecore aesthetic.
  • Planttock:  This category focuses on gardening and plant care.

These communities have become the source for like-minded people to connect together to share knowledge and create content specifically according to their interests.

Sustainable living challenges

Another growing trend on TikTok is sustainable living because people are becoming aware of the impacts of their lifestyle on the environment. The most common sustainable living challenges promoted on TikTok include minimizing food waste, reducing single-use plastic depletion, and embracing energy-efficient practices.

These challenges are usually promoted by displaying personal choices. For example, encouraging the use of reusable bags, composting organic wastes, and investing in renewable energy sources. The trend is becoming popular to such an extent that celebrities and other social media influencers share useful tips on how to experience a more sustainable lifestyle.

Short educational tutorials

Another growing trend on TikTok is to share short-form education content or tutorials on the platform. The category has become a trend because people love to search and see informative and valuable content quickly and engagingly on the platform.

From solving mathematics equations to proving some science experiments to even language learning content, the short-form educational tutorials are very much appreciated on the platform. If you have a good command of any subject, start educating your audience to boost your TikTok followers and authenticity on the platform.

Barbie filter trends

Right after the release of the Barbie movie, the popularity of Babrie’s character grew enormously. The trend was first blowing in 2023 when people saw a beautiful Barbie character in the movie. However, the TikTok analytics and metrics are showing that the trend will continuously bloom in 2024.

The content like dressing up in a Barbie look and making transformation videos to Barbifying themselves is still popular on TikTok. As well as this, Barbie-style makeup and recreating the Barbie scenes are some other examples that are popular on the platform.

Livestream shopping

Recently TikTok has introduced its users with the shopping feature. This feature allows brands to shop their products online on the platform. On the other hand, customers are also happy to get an option to buy products through live streaming as they can get an exact idea about the quality of products.

As the feature helps both shoppers and customers, it has become a common trend on TikTok. We can find that every time there is something new to find on TikTok. A survey has also revealed that people love to buy products on social media that are endorsed by social media influencers.

So, these are the reasons, the feature is among the common TikTok trends. If you also want to get benefits from this trend, go live with quality products and some exclusive offers to not only increase TikTok livestream views but also boost your business revenue.


Fitness is another popular term on TikTok. This is among the evergreen trends on TikTok. People love to share their fitness routines, fitness goals, fitness achievements, and other related subjects. On the other hand, fitness enthusiasts also love to search and follow the best fitness coaches on TikTok.

So, if you are a fitness trainer involved in an everyday fitness routine, TikTok has something for you. Start capturing your fitness routines to inspire beginners. You can also show your goals and milestones to encourage newcomers to achieve their targets.

Personal growth journeys

Content related to personal growth journey has also become an increasingly popular topic on TikTok. Many content creators are mainly focusing on such a subject as it helps them grow well on TikTok. We see so many examples that people come to the platform and share their experiences of what challenges they face in their lives and how they handle them.

The content type, like a personal growth journey, is an inspiration or motivation for many people who become disappointed in their lives. So, creating content in such a subject will not only help you grow well on the platform but it will also encourage people to do something big in their lives.

AI filters

Today, artificial intelligence is everywhere. From creating assignments to developing websites, and even creating visual content, AI is used as a common tool everywhere. Social media platforms, including TikTok, are using AI filters to create your content more exclusive and eye-catching.

As everyone wants to show compelling content to the audience, this thing promotes AI filters a lot that they have become the common trends on TikTok. The example of such content can be seen through AI Manga filters, turning users into a Manga character.


TikTok, undoubtedly, has become the most influential social media channel in the world. The popularity of this platform is based on several factors. For example, it shows short-form video content, amazing filters, exceptional content formatting, and the option to become a trend on the platform. Creators who are completely indulged in the latest trends of TikTok have more potential to get better reach on the platform.

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