Weak Foot Peak EA FC 24 Evolution Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on EA FC 24 Evolutions, one of the exciting new add-ons introduced in FC 24 Ultimate Team. This groundbreaking feature allows players to enhance certain cards in their collection by completing specific objectives during each FIFA Ultimate Team season. This article takes a deep dive into how EA FC 24 Evolution works, the requirements and challenges involved, and the potential upgrades it offers for your player cards. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Ultimate Team, this guide has you covered.

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One of the most interesting novelties of EA SPORTS FC 24 are the Evolutions: during each FIFA Ultimate Team season we will be given the opportunity to boost some of the cards in our possession, by completing special objectives.


Create your EVO Ultimate Birthday player by maximizing the ability moves and the weak foot! Dominate the field by adding First control+ and upgrades to the players’ stats.


The challenges must be completed by March 29th.


This FC 24 evolution is free, so you will not need to use any coins or FC points.


  • Max Overall: 85
  • Max Pace: 89
  • Max Defense: 60
  • Max Passing: 90
  • Max N° of game styles +: 1


The overall upgrade obtained by completing all levels is:

  • WEAK FOOT: 5 Stars
  • Game Styles: Jockey
  • Overall Rating: +5
  • Pace: +2
  • Shooting: +1
  • Passages: +3
  • Dribbling: +2
  • Physique: +2


Level 1:

  • Win 2 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches with a minimum Semi-Pro difficulty

using your active EVO player in the game.

Level 2:

  • Win 1 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) match with at least 2 goals difference at minimum Semi-Pro difficulty using your active EVO player.
  • Play 2 Squad Battles (or Rivals/Champions) matches at minimum Semi-Pro difficulty using your active EVO player in the game.

List of the best players to choose:

Here’s a list of what we believe are the best choices to use this EVO on:

  • Gold 85 Raphael Varane
  • Gold 85 Antonio Rudiger
  • Winter Wildcard 86 Renato Sanches
  • Inform 86 Teun Koopmeiners


In conclusion, the Weak Foot Peek Evolution in EA SPORTS FC 24 presents a unique opportunity for players to enhance their gameplay. By meeting the specified requirements and completing the challenges, players can significantly boost their card’s overall rating and specific skills. However, remember that these EA FC 24 evolutions are time-limited, so make sure to complete the challenges before the deadline. Happy gaming!

As always, thank you for reading. Don’t forget to visit U7Buy for all your gaming needs for FC 24 Ultimate Team. Enjoy your gaming journey!